Umrah & Holyland Packages

Umrah and Holyland, though they share the same principle as normal leisure travels, they have some differences which need to be taken care carefully. Some specific government regulations as well as special travel kits are necessary for these packages.

Fixed Dates Umrah Packages

Fixed Dates Consortium Umrah package is suitable for anybody or any corporations, including umrah agents, that do not have minimum number of 15 pax. 

Private Umrah Packages

Managing end to end detail of your private Umra and Hajj packages is our specialities, especially in Saudi Arabia where a lot of exceptions in the Makkah or Madinah sometime happens. When you leave your private Umra or Hajj groups with us, rest assure that we will take care of the needful including flights, Umra visas, and Umra directors.

Big Corporate Umrah

Big Corporations which are capable to bring at least 100pax Umra participants in one departure can rely on us to take care of their umra packages. We could also do all specific requirements e.g. branding in the Bus, private jet charter, unique uniforms, and specific bags requests tailored to your Corporate’s needs.

Luxury Umrah Packages

If your customers request Umrah package only for small groups or families or luxury groups, do not look for solutions elsewhere as we could arrange such requirements quickly and efficiently where by all the selection of hotels, accommodations, and restaurants can be chosen, booked, and confirmed fully online.

Private Holyland Groups

Private Holyland Group can be arranged by us 6 months in advance to suit your private or corporate budget. Early reservation is required for Holyland groups, especially today after the pandemic, as securing all required resources in Holyland far in advance will save you quite significantly.

Jordan Holyland Egypt Packages

Our all-time favorite package, Jordan – Holyland – Egypt, which includes three countries with full of history from three religions, Islam, Christianity, and Jews. Our tour package is unique, as people with any religions can join this tour package.

Our Travel Partners

  • Airlines

    We partner with a lot of airlines, some of them are Etihad Airways, Emirates Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Saudia Airlines, and Turkish Airlines

  • Vehicle Providers

    We have any kind of vehicles based on your customers’ preference from Sedan, MPV, 15-Seater, Small Bus 30-Seater, Luxury Coach 35-Seater or 49-Seater, Luxury Sedan, and Luxury MPV.

  • Umroh Guides & Tour Guides

    We follow your customers’ languages, be it English, Russia, Chinese, Arabic, Bahasa, Uzbekistan, Germany, Dutch, French, Italian, and Turkish.

  • Attractions

    Each destination has its own unique attractions and Mekkah and Madinah are no exceptions. Do not let your customers perform Umra and Hajj without visiting Saudi’s unique attractions. The same applies for Jordan, Holyland, and Egypt as there are a lot of attractions and points of interest which you cannot miss.

  • Hotels & Accommodations

    Some known International and Local hotel chains like AccorHotels, Marriott Groups, and Radisson Groups are some of our hotel partners in Makkah, Madinah, and Jeddah.

  • Restaurants

    We provide full board with catering, fullboard at the hotel, half board, breakfast only or any other meals arrangements for your Umra customers’ requirements.

  • Umrah & Holyland Visas

    We partnering with partners who have licenses to issue Umra and Holyland Visas. Please check with us of the requirements and rest assure that your customers will get their visas as long as requirements are fulfilled.

  • Umrah & Holyland Tour Directors

    Some luxury or private groups require Umrah & Holyland Tour Directors for complete customers’ peace of mind from the way they start flying for Umrah or Holyland till landing back to their home countries.

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