Our Services

Meeting Arrangement

For those of you who arrange meetings regularly in destinations your customers prefer, the headache is also regular. From finding calling hotels, waiting price offers from hotels, meeting rooms’ configurations, time managements, meeting rooms’ inspections, and finally making sure your meeting rooms and their facilities are ready for your final events. Not to mention issues with prices and bargaining.

All these issues will be gone as you have better solutions by finding, booking, and paying meeting rooms online in our touress B2B Online DMC application.

Corporate Tour Packages

Your customers having meetings in locations which are not their regular places will for sure bring new energy and intra-team bounding to them. Though meetings in totally different locations are great escape for them, adding tours or special excursions as bonus will make the meeting arrangements more memorable for your customers. 

Please make sure add tours or excursions in your meeting rooms’ bookings in touress B2B Online DMC application.

Corporate Ticketings

Corporate ticketings are the easiest yet most time consuming as our Travel Consultants, who are your Implant Travel Consultants, are trained for especially to suggest best routes, best rates, as well as best preference to suite your clients. Our touress B2B Online DMC application is not only capable of handling FIT ticketing, but also group bookings.

The great thing about our touress B2B Online DMC application is its ability to connect all resources you require, Group Flights, FIT Flights, hotels, restaurants, guides, buses, and even meeting rooms.

Conference Management

Initiating a conferences is a big task and will for sure take your time and your team’s efforts from the day one the conference is announce, from conference team design, selecting venues, selecting participants, sending invitations, confirming attendance, confirming speakers, dry rehearsal, final rehearsal, inviting medias, managing stage performance, managing post performance, participant data compilation, and many more. If you leave all these nitty gritty details to our Travel Consultants, who are your Implant Travel Consultants, you will have more productive time to do your regular routine, plus you will have high quality deliveries which will be memorable to all participants.

Corporate Religious Packages

As your Corporate Implant and Travels, you could also provide religious packages for your staffs or your clients at any budgets you want. Religious packages can be Umra Package, Hajj Package, Holyland Package, or even your tailor made pilgrim Programs (e.g. to Uzbekistan, Turkey, Russia, or event Europe). We could also do all specific requirements e.g. branding in the Bus, private jet charter, unique uniforms, and specific bags requests tailored to your Corporate’s needs.

You may either use our touress B2B Online DMC apps for real time booking and confirmation or discuss with our Travel Consultants, who are your Implant Travel Consultants, if you have a lot of customized requirements.

Charter Flights

For Corporates who require high frequency flyings i.e. for Corporate executives, regular deployments to remote locations, long range medical evacuations, or for disaster management, the only option is to charter the required aircrafts. We can provide any kind and any size of aircrafts based on your Corporates’ requirements, ranging from small executive jets or turboprop, light helicopters, heavy helicopters, 3-4 hours medium range commercial airliner, or even 12-16 hours long range jet liners like Boeing 787 Dreamliner or Airbus A350XWB.

Booking Process

Maximum engagement between you as Travel Agents or Big Corporations with our Engagement Managers is required for successful and maximum results as we, as your Corporate Implants and Corporate Travels, will make sure your customers or your clients are satisfied with our services. Not only during the time they are in hotels, on planes, or in meetings, but also the booking processes as well as the payment processes.

Some of our services utilize our touress B2B Online DMC application, while other processes such as Charter Flights and Conference Management still require offline discussions with our Travel Consultants, who are your Implant Travel Consultants.

Our Partners


We partner with a lot of airlines, some of them e.g. Etihad Airways, Royal Brunei Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Uzbekistan Airways, Saudia Airlines, and Turkish Airlines

Meeting Rooms

We partner with a lot of International Hotel chains for various size of meeting rooms e.g. small group meeting rooms, board rooms, 20-100pax meeting rooms, or even ballrooms.

Vehicle Providers

We have any kind of vehicles based on your customers' preference from Sedan, MPV, 15-Seater, Small Bus 30-Seater, Luxury Coach 35-Seater or 49-Seater, Luxury Sedan, and Luxury MPV.

Tour Guides

We follow your customers' languages, be it English, Russia, Chinese, Arabic, Bahasa, Uzbekistan, Germany, Dutch, French, Italian, and Turkish.


Each destination has its own unique attractions, and we are the expert on the destinations. Do not let your customers enjoy the destinations without their unique attractions.

Charter Flights

We partner with a lot of Airline Operators, Jet Operators, Helicopter Operators, as well as Charter Flights Brokers to cater any Charter Flights requirements.

Hotels & Accommodations

Some known International and Local hotel chains like AccorHotels, Marriott Groups, and Radisson Groups are some of our hotel partners.


We cater any kind of taste buds and international flavors as per your customers' requests e.g. Asian, Western, Turkish, Arab, Chinese, Indonesia, Indian, or even Uzbekistan foods.


Visa processing is our specialities as we have our own team in the destinations of your choice. Rest assure that your customers will get their visas as long as requirements are fulfilled.

Implant Travel Consultants

We hire our high quality experienced Travel Consultants to be assigned to your premises. They also have access to our touress B2B Online DMC application as well as access to internal resources.