The World's
First Online DMC
Feel the power of YOU where you, as Travel Agent, can create your own Itinerary, select your own Group or Individual Airline Fares, and select our multilingual Tour Guides. All Entirely Online.
We also have consortium series packages for Travel Agents who prefer to focus on easy selling destinations without having to collect groups or design their own packages.

Travel Agents Benefits

Focus on your customers and leave your suppliers management to us. We will not only make your itinerary creation much faster, but we will also make sure all related suppliers selected in your itineraries are connected.

Instant Availability

No more calling and contacting your Travel Suppliers one by one. We do it for you and their availability information is updated in real time.

Instant Confirmation

No more time wasted to get confirmations of the tour packages your customers love. All are done immediately online.

Peace of Mind

No more surprises, everything is mentioned in detail, in a “run-down like” approach once your itinerary is created and booked.

Booking is Fun

Itinerary Creation is as easy as 1-2-3. Focus on your customers' requirements and leave the details to us.

Best Rate Guarantee

We work with our partners in high volumes e.g. hotels, restaurants, airlines, and bus provides which will give you the best rates ever.

Best Support Team

Rest assured that our offline team is as responsive as our online team which will react immediately if a problem arises
Happy Clients
Years Of Experience
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Total Booking Confirmed
Our Values

Peace of Mind

Our concept of "Peace of Mind" goes beyond just insurance. It is a complex process supported by the latest IT system to make sure your mind is peaceful when leaving your customers (tourists) to us.

High Quality Standard

You work with us to get the highest standard of quality expected. To deliver our promise, we only hire people with service & quality embedded in their blood. We also work only with our high quality travel partners.

Nice & Care

We treat our team and our people like we treat our own family and it is reflected in the way our team treat our customers. Almost all of our customers miss our team as well as the destination after finishing their tours.
Our Team

Our success is a result of teamwork and building upon our technical and commcercial expertise providing be-spoke and outstanding services to Travel Agents around the World.

Time Line and Brands Evolution

We evolve strategically to cater to the requirements of Travel Agents around the World. Our Brands also evolve overtime and all Tour Operators’ brands have been merged into touress.


First Establishment
We started as Dubai & Abu-Dhabi Tour Operator catering Religious Travel Agents stopping over in UAE


Leading UAE Tour Operator for Indonesian Religious Market
Became the leading UAE Tour Operator for Indonesian Religious Market (Umroh/Hajj/Holyland Transit)


Launched UAE DMC
Expanded to UAE DMC based in Dubai catering Leisure and Religious Segments

SEP 2015

Launched Indonesia DMC
Established Sales & Operations Offices in Jakarta and Bali

DEC 2015

Launched Turkey DMC
Expanded to Turkey destinations with Sales & Operations office in Istanbul


Launched Jordan, Holyland, and Egypt DMC
Expanded further to establish Operation in Jordan to manage Jordan-Holyland-Egypt destinations


Connect World Global DMC Established
Connect World's "Project X" was initialized to revolutionize the World's tourism industry

H2 2017

Development of touress Online DMC started
"Project X" had a new name, touress

H2 2018

Launched Europe & UK DMC
Expanded Futher to Europe & UK with establishment of Sales & Operation office in Berlin

JAN 2019

Launched touress Online DMC
Proudly launched touress Online DMC, the first of its kind in the world

JUL 2019

Launched Russia & CIS DMC
Expanded further to Russia & CIS Countries with establishment of Sales & Operation Offices in Tashkent

SEP 2019

Partnership with Uzbekistan Airways
Established related infrastructure for Uzbekistan Airways to launch scheduled passenger flights and appointed as Sales Agent in Indonesia

DEC 2019

Launched KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) DMC
Expanded further to Saudi Arabia as DMC for Umroh, Hajj, & Leisure in KSA
Happy Customers

When our travel agents’ customers are happy, our travel agents are happy also, and we are also happy.